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Splurge Art

About the Client

Splurge Art is an innovative platform designed for the emerging AI art community. It allows users to create AI-generated art using simple prompts, compete in daily themes, and exchange virtual coins for real money. The platform integrates social media features, an AI art generation tool, and a vibrant marketplace for art transactions. 

Splurge Art’s primary goals include maintaining exceptional service availability with a target of 99.9% uptime, supporting up to 250,000 daily active users, providing 24/7 customer support, and enhancing software delivery performance by adhering to DORA metrics.


Splurge Art faced several infrastructure challenges that necessitated a comprehensive audit:

1. Security Issues:

The platform’s identity and access management (IAM) lacked adequate multi-factor authentication (MFA) for most users, and there were outdated credentials without regular rotation policies. Additionally, security groups and network ACLs were not optimized for least privilege access, posing potential security risks

2. Cost Management:

Inefficient resource utilization and the absence of a comprehensive tagging strategy for cost allocation led to suboptimal cost management. There was also a lack of configured budgets and billing alerts to prevent cost overruns.

3. Reliability and Performance:

Key services like RDS and ECS were not fully utilizing multi-AZ deployments, critical for high availability and disaster recovery. Auto-scaling was only partially implemented, leading to performance inefficiencies.

4.  Data Management:

Limited lifecycle policies and inconsistent backup testing across services indicated potential vulnerabilities in data management practices. Moreover, there was a need to expand backup strategies beyond RDS to include other critical resources.


To address these challenges, Gart conducted a thorough infrastructure audit and implemented the following solutions:

1. Enhanced Security Measures

  1. Enabled MFA for all users and reviewed inactive accounts for potential deactivation.
  2. Implemented regular rotation policies for credentials and enforced least privilege access across IAM policies.
  3. Reviewed and optimized security groups and network ACLs to ensure they followed the principle of least privilege. Investigated and removed unused security groups.

2. Optimized Cost Management

  1. Conducted a detailed resource utilization review and recommended right-sizing strategies, including the adoption of Reserved Instances or Savings Plans for cost savings.
  2. Developed and implemented a comprehensive tagging strategy to improve cost allocation and management.
  3. Configured AWS Budgets and billing alerts to monitor and control expenses effectively.

3. Improved Reliability and Performance

  1. Ensured critical services like RDS and ECS utilized multi-AZ deployments for better high availability and disaster recovery.
  2. Expanded the implementation of auto-scaling to match workload demands more effectively.
  3. Conducted regular performance reviews to identify and resolve bottlenecks.

4.  Enhanced Data Management

  1. Broadened the application of lifecycle policies to include all relevant S3 buckets.
  2. Expanded regular backup testing to include additional resources beyond RDS, ensuring comprehensive data protection.
  3. Implemented Infrastructure as Code (IaC) practices with Terraform, including clear code organization, documentation, and integration with CI/CD pipelines for consistent and efficient infrastructure management.

Infrastructure Audit for Splurge Art by Gart


Following Gart’s audit and the implementation of suggested improvements, Splurge Art experienced significant benefits:

  • The platform saw a substantial reduction in security risks due to enhanced IAM policies, regular credential rotations, and optimized network configurations.
  • Improved resource utilization and cost management practices led to noticeable cost savings. The implementation of Reserved Instances and Savings Plans, along with effective tagging strategies, ensured better financial control and accountability.
  • The platform’s high availability and disaster recovery capabilities improved with multi-AZ deployments. Auto-scaling adjustments and performance optimization efforts ensured a smoother and more reliable user experience.
  • Comprehensive data lifecycle policies and expanded backup testing bolstered data integrity and availability, ensuring robust data management practices across the platform.

Overall, Gart’s infrastructure audit and subsequent recommendations significantly enhanced Splurge Art’s operational efficiency, security posture, and cost-effectiveness, positioning the platform for sustained growth and success in the competitive AI art market.

Additional Recommendations and Future Steps

Following the successful implementation of initial improvements, Gart provided further recommendations to ensure continuous optimization and future readiness for Splurge Art’s infrastructure.

Advanced Security Enhancements

  • Integrate AWS GuardDuty for continuous monitoring and threat detection to identify malicious activity and unauthorized behavior across AWS accounts and workloads.
  • Implement security automation using AWS Lambda functions to automatically respond to security incidents, such as auto-remediation of vulnerable configurations and enforcing security policies in real-time.

Enhanced Cost Management

  • Utilize AWS Cost Anomaly Detection to identify unusual spending patterns and provide alerts for potential cost anomalies, enabling proactive management of unexpected expenses.
  • Implement advanced cost management tools such as AWS Cost Explorer and third-party solutions for deeper insights into cost trends and to identify further opportunities for cost savings.

Reliability and Performance Optimization

  • Deploy advanced APM tools like Datadog or New Relic to gain granular insights into application performance, track real-time metrics, and quickly diagnose performance issues.
  • Regularly conduct load testing using tools like Apache JMeter or Gatling to simulate high user traffic and identify potential performance bottlenecks, ensuring the platform can handle peak loads efficiently.

Data Management and Analytics

  • Implement a data lake architecture using AWS Lake Formation to centralize and analyze large datasets. This would enable better insights and support advanced analytics use cases such as machine learning and big data processing.
  • Utilize AWS Config rules and AWS Audit Manager to automate compliance checks and ensure continuous adherence to industry standards and regulations.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and CI/CD Enhancements

  • Develop reusable Terraform modules and publish them in a private Terraform Registry to standardize infrastructure provisioning and promote best practices across the organization.
  • Implement automated testing for Terraform configurations using tools like Terratest or Checkov to validate infrastructure changes before deployment and ensure they meet compliance and security standards.
  • Enhance CI/CD pipelines to support blue-green deployments and canary releases, ensuring zero-downtime deployments and reducing the risk of introducing issues into the production environment.

Future Roadmap and Strategic Goals

  • Explore the adoption of serverless architectures using AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate to further reduce infrastructure management overhead and improve scalability.
  • Transition to a microservices architecture to improve modularity, enable independent scaling of services, and enhance fault isolation, leading to a more resilient and scalable platform.
  • Plan for multi-region deployments to ensure global availability and disaster recovery. Utilize AWS Global Accelerator for improved performance and low latency access for users worldwide.
  • Establish a continuous improvement program to regularly review and refine infrastructure, security, and operational practices. Schedule periodic audits and performance reviews to adapt to evolving business needs and technology advancements.

By implementing these additional recommendations and focusing on strategic goals, Splurge Art can achieve even greater levels of efficiency, security, and scalability. Gart’s ongoing support and expertise will ensure that Splurge Art remains at the forefront of innovation, delivering exceptional value to its users and maintaining a competitive edge in the AI art marketplace.

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