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Gart solves your technical challenges to let you focus on what matters the most – growing your business

*The name “Gart” comes from the Ukrainian word for “toughening”. We work to provide your infrastructure with the endurance it needs to make your business stable and profitable

Let us help optimize your business success by powering your project with DevOps expertise


faster recovery
from failures


more frequent


shorter lead


lower change
failure rate

Why choose Gart as DevOps Services Provider?


We know all nuances of operating large cloud migration projects to the cloud


We are experts in technologies while focusing on business challenges


70% of engineers are senior-level certified professionals


We are your reliable partner when disaster recovery is needed

Our services

Improve your approach to team building and cooperation, automate processes, and speed up the release cycle by using efficient DevOps practices

Design, create and manage your reliable infrastructure strategies in alignment with your business objectives.
Accelerate your business by opening new opportunities with clouds — primarily by getting flexibility with pay-as-you-go services from cloud providers. Cloud allows you to use hundreds of ready-made infrastructure services, which you won’t need to do yourself from scratch, or switch to other services if some don’t resolve your issue. You get better cost control and can quickly react to product growth by scaling immediately.
Decrease time-to-market and minimize points of failure by automating infrastructure provisioning. Automation eliminates the risk of human error, ensures consistency in development, and provides full traceability of all the changes made.
Continuous integration and continuous delivery minimize bug-associated risks, ensure faster & easier releases, and reduce human factor of failure. This approach helps teams not to be afraid of regular releases & failing fast, which leads to discovering and fixing issues more quickly and regularly. As a result, we spend less time on releases and minimize time for features to reach production. The shortened time-to-market makes products more competitive on the market.
Create a clear picture of the state of your infrastructure by implementing and configuring modern monitoring solutions (error and log monitoring, monitoring for autoscaling, website traffic analysis) to improve project’s stability & reaction time. Monitoring simplifies fixes by providing detailed information on the causes of issues & gives information about the system status at a certain time. Further monitoring can be used for automated self-healing processes. Besides, you can plan the addition of new servers in time — based on traffic trends, for instance. You can also get data for analysis as well as baseline creation for future extensions or cost-efficiency analysis.
Develop applications that are cloud-compatible right from the start or adapt your application to be cloud-native. This will allow you to exploit the benefits the cloud provides, like on-demand access to computing power, ability to implement microservices, and increased infrastructure resilience. This makes your app highly scalable and less susceptible to risks like unauthorized access, data breaches, human error, downtime, etc.

Our case studies

Security Consulting and Cloud Migration for a Golf Self-Service Platform

Security Consulting and Cloud Migration for a Golf Self-Service Platform

SaaS Software
Discover how we provided a Security Audit to mitigate cybersecurity vulnerabilities and prepared the 2nd phase of the project, that pertains to the Infrastructure Assessment and Cloud Migration for a provider of a software platform designed to automate various operational tasks within golf clubs.
  • Cloud computing
  • Cloud Cost optimization 
  • Cloud Infrastructure architecture 
  • Infrustructure Management
  • IT Infrastructure and DevOps Consulting
  • Technical Support
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DevOps for Microsoft Hololens Application

DevOps for Microsoft HoloLens Application Run on GCP

Discover how Gart team helped to optimize costs and performance, improve security and unification the application with GCP and other cloud service providers.
  • Cloud computing
  • Cloud Cost optimization 
  • Cloud Infrastructure Management
  • GCP Cloud
  • GCP Cloud Cost Optimization
  • Infrustructure Management
  • Technical Consulting
  • Technical Support
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Autonomous Vehicles

Revolutionizing Autonomous Vehicle Operations with Blockchain DevOps Services

Vehicle Manufacturing
By embracing blockchain technology and integrating it with real-time analytics and robust security measures, our customer emerged as an industry leader. This success story showcases the power of blockchain to set a new era in the automotive industry by providing a superior autonomous driving experience by offering a great oversight for data management, security, and real-time analytics.
  • Blockchain DevOps
  • Blockchain Infrastructure
  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • Cloud computing
  • Database Integration Services
  • Middleware Integration Services
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How we work


Free consultation

Definition of challenges, objectives and projected results

Project technical audit

Project scope and workflow estimation

Realizing project targets

Fit to customer’s requirements


An actual work on a project

Documentation updates and reports

Documentation and knowledge sharing

Maintenance and tech support

Ongoing maintenance and tech support

What we can do for your business

We help our customers achieve the next level of infrastructure maturity, optimize costs, simplify management and solve availability issues

Strengthen your team

Extend your engineering teams with our experienced DevOps professionals who can fill expertise gaps (like specifics of AWS infrastructure or experience with various cloud server providers), help reach deployment and production goals, and assist in problem solving and meeting specific deadlines. Our core team of professionals consists of 2 architects with 15 years of experience, 3 senior specialists, and 2 middle specialists.

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Optimize costs

Optimize infrastructure and management costs by applying architecture best practices, automation, removing unnecessary redundancy and overprovisioning

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Build stable solutions

Make sure your infrastructure is built according to your business needs, expected indicators of performance, availability, and security

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Improve performance

Optimize your application performance by removing bottlenecks and enabling infrastructure to scale fast in response to increased load

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“The Gart team delivered
excellent solutions that were used
in the company production process. They integrated quickly into
the internal team, leading to a highly effective workflow. They collaborated and presented solutions impressively.”

June - Oct. 2021

“Gart has completed the project
within budget and on time. The team is autonomous and uses weekly Jira meetings to share updates and track tasks, meeting all project objectives
on schedule. Collaboration with Gart’s team ensured stable infrastructure and high-quality deliverables.”

Oct. 2022 - Ongoing

“Gart offered excellent support services that met all requirements, allowing the company to recover
from a severe outage. Daily stand-ups led to a seamless workflow. Gart was
a highly approachable team
that delivered quick results.”

Jan. 2022 - Feb. 2023

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