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Why does your project need DevOps?


Reinvent development processes

DevOps changes the established way of IT operations by implementing iterative, “fail fast” process. It reduces the development cycle, allows to achieve faster results with less risk


Automate the routine

DevOps automation reduces the risk of human errors and allows engineers to focus on their direct tasks. DevOps can significantly decrease time-to-market, improve efficiency by creating an agile environment and collaboration between dev and ops


Adopt clouds

Cloud technologies bring a lot of flexibility and can rapidly speed up your application development cycle. With migration to the cloud you can get latest technologies and services for your business, increase performance and scalability

Our services

We have a team of professionals with years of experience in architecting, creating, and managing cloud and on-premise IT landscapes

Extend your engineering teams by our experienced DevOps professionals. Work together to fill expertise gaps and meet deadlines
Improve infrastructure and services availability by designing reliable infrastructure and implementing monitoring and alerting systems
Optimize infrastructure and management costs with by applying architecture best practices, automation removing unnecessary redundancy and overprovisioning
Accelerate your business by opening new opportunities with clouds. Reduce time-to-market and decrease the costs of your infrastructure by choosing correct cloud strategies and workflows
Create a clear picture of your infrastructure state by implementing and configuring modern monitoring solutions
Decrease time-to-market by automating infrastructure provisioning and keep your engineers focused on their tasks by implementing continuous integration and continuous delivery processes
Optimize your application performance by removing bottlenecks and enable infrastructure to scale fast in response to increased load
Design, manage and create your reliable infrastructure strategies in alignment with your business objectives

How we work


Discovery phase

When start working on a new project we do need discovery phase to identify our client needs and the starting point


Architecture vision

We create an architecture vision – the document describes future solution, technologies to be used and team composition



When architecture vision and scope of works approved the most excited phase begins



After the work is done it will be properly documented and knowledge shared to the client`s team



Can drink some champagne here

Benefits of working with Gart

We help our customers achieve the next level of infrastructure maturity, optimize costs, simplify management and solve availability issues

Top talent access

By using DevOps services, you get access to Senior-level engineers with technology background that perfectly matches your project needs

Decrease time to market

Decrease time-to-market and increase ROI by automating your software delivery processes and infrastructure . Removing routine work helps the team to focus on product development, decrease a number of bugs and improve quality

Best cost-performance ratio

Set of components as: low cost locations, lack of heavy corporate departments, suitable country taxation, vast labor market, agile and flexible approaches, enables us to offer sound pricing with first class quality

Our case studies


Financial app production preparation

Our client created a mobile application that improves the way of paying and sharing bills. They integrated hundreds of banks into a single app and provide users with simple and great interface.
Our client requires a partner in DevOps from providers who can quickly jump into a new project, has strong experience in CI/CD process automation, GCP and Kubernetes. They have a very tight deadline to prepare production infrastructure, set up security, and monitoring.

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Gart Solutions provided a team of 3 DevOps engineers and GCP Architect in less than 3 days. We made an assessment and identified the necessary steps for a successful go-live. Next week team created production Kubernetes cluster, configured continuous delivery process, and Istio service mesh. We also analyzed the client’s infrastructure and processes and created a list of recommendations.

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