Case Study: Transforming a Local Landfill Solution into a Global Platform

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Case Study: Transforming a Local Landfill Solution into a Global Platform


About the Client

ReSource International is an Icelandic company that specializes in environmental solutions. They have developed, a digital solution for monitoring and managing landfill operations. is a comprehensive system that offers the following features:

  • Optimize daily operations and track assets
  • Centralize data collection, analysis, and action
  • Facilitate data analysis and import/export
  • Provide tailored tools for landfill management (gas, leachate, waste input, etc.)
  • Operate through a web-based interface
  • Understand how weather affects your site

Transforming a Local Landfill Solution into a Global Platform



The project consists of several services, some of which are developed in-house, while others are third-party components. The key challenges faced by the client include:

Geoserver Management

Handling and processing large geospatial imagery data efficiently.

Database Management

Utilizing PostgreSQL and PostGIS for storing and managing geospatial data, locations, GPS coordinates, etc.

Real-time Data Processing

Processing and analyzing large volumes of data generated by various modules in real-time.

Module Integration

Ensuring seamless communication and data transfer between different modules.

Alert System

Implementing an alert system to notify when emissions or other parameters exceed permissible limits.


Optimizing operations to ensure efficient routing of waste collection vehicles based on monitoring data.

Transforming a Local Landfill Solution into a Global Platform


To address these challenges, our company developed the Resource Management Framework (RMF), a suite of tools and approaches designed to facilitate the deployment of powerful digital solutions for landfill management globally. The key aspects of the RMF solution include:

  1. Configuring and optimizing services to manage the various components effectively.
  2. Optimizing the client’s existing legacy system, ensuring proper resource allocation and utilization.
  3. Implementing robust security measures to protect sensitive information.



With the implementation of the RMF, the client can now scale their solution globally, transitioning from a local Icelandic business to a global player.

Some notable achievements include: Expansion into the French market.

The RMF has enabled ReSource International to offer a comprehensive and scalable landfill monitoring and management solution, empowering their clients to optimize operations, ensure compliance, and promote environmental sustainability on a global scale.

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