Case Study: Sustainable Solutions with AWS

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Case Study: Sustainable Solutions with AWS

How We Helped the #1 Music Promotion Services Slash Costs

About the Client

The #1 Music Promotion Services is a leading IT product company specializing in services for independent music artists worldwide. By providing platforms to promote their music, the company has become a crucial player in the music promotion industry. With rapid growth and increasing usage, the company faced escalating AWS infrastructure costs. This case study explores how we helped them implement sustainable solutions to optimize their AWS environment and achieve significant cost savings.


High Monthly Costs

Monthly AWS costs had peaked at approximately $3.7K, driven by increased traffic and extensive data processing requirements.

Service-Specific Expenditures

  • AmazonSNS emerged as the most costly service, consuming 37% of the total expenses.
  • Other significant cost drivers included AmazonEC2, AmazonRDS, and AmazonS3.

Inefficient Resource Utilization

Underutilized EC2 instances and inefficient data storage practices contributed to unnecessary expenses.

Traffic Management Issues

Sudden spikes in traffic and data transfer led to unexpected cost increases, especially during the autumn period.

Solutions Implemented

To address these challenges, we implemented a multi-faceted approach focused on optimization, efficient resource management, and cost-saving strategies.

AmazonSNS Optimization

  • Usage Audit: Conducted a detailed audit of SNS usage, identifying redundant notifications and opportunities for batching messages.
  • Policy Adjustments: Optimized notification policies to reduce frequency and volume, resulting in lower usage charges.

Sustainable Solutions with AWS

EC2 and RDS Cost Management

  • Right-Sizing Instances: Reviewed and adjusted EC2 instance types to better match workloads, eliminating over-provisioned resources.
  • Reserved Instances: Transitioned from on-demand instances to reserved instances where applicable, securing lower rates for long-term usage.
  • Auto Scaling: Implemented Auto Scaling groups to dynamically adjust resources based on actual demand, ensuring efficient utilization.

Storage Optimization

  • Lifecycle Policies: Applied lifecycle policies to AmazonS3 buckets, automatically transitioning data to lower-cost storage classes (e.g., S3 Infrequent Access, Glacier) for infrequently accessed data.
  • Data Cleanup: Conducted regular audits and cleanup of unnecessary or obsolete data, reducing storage costs.

Traffic and Data Transfer Management

  • Efficient Data Routing: Optimized data transfer routes and utilized AWS Direct Connect for consistent, lower-cost data transfer.
  • Cost Monitoring and Alerts: Set up detailed cost monitoring and alerts to promptly identify and address any unexpected spikes in traffic-related expenses.

How We Helped The #1 Music Promotion Services Slash Costs


Significant Cost Reduction

  • Monthly AWS costs were reduced from $3.7K to approximately $1.7K, representing a 54% decrease.
  • Total blended costs over the period were managed to $19.9K, with significant savings realized in high-cost areas.

Sustainable Solutions with AWS

Service-Specific Savings

  • AmazonSNS: Reduced costs by 50%, saving over $1,000 monthly through optimized usage and policy adjustments.
  • AmazonEC2 and RDS: Achieved substantial savings by right-sizing instances and leveraging reserved instances, with a combined reduction of $600 monthly.

Improved Resource Efficiency

Enhanced resource utilization through Auto Scaling and lifecycle management policies, ensuring cost-effective operations without compromising performance.

Sustainable Cost Management

Implemented a robust cost management framework with continuous monitoring, allowing the company to maintain cost efficiency as it grows.


Through a strategic approach to AWS cost optimization, we helped The #1 Music Promotion Services achieve significant cost savings while maintaining their service quality and performance. Our solutions not only reduced immediate expenses but also established sustainable practices for long-term cost management. This case study underscores the importance of regular audits, efficient resource utilization, and proactive cost management in leveraging AWS for business growth.


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