Case Study: Deployment of a Node.js and React App to AWS with ECS

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Client Background

CyberiSight is a leading cybersecurity company specializing in providing comprehensive solutions to individuals and organizations to combat cyber threats. Their services include threat intelligence, vulnerability assessments, incident response, and security consulting.


CyberiSight sought to deploy a Node.js and React application to AWS to enhance their cybersecurity offerings. They required a robust CI/CD pipeline using GitLab CI for efficient deployment and Terraform for repeatable management. Additionally, they aimed to integrate security tasks into the pipeline, such as dependency checks and application scans, and implement application monitoring solutions.


After discovering gart through Upwork, CyberiSight chose us for our exceptional ratings and cost-effectiveness. Our team provided a dedicated member who closely collaborated with CyberiSight to achieve their objectives.

We devised a robust CI/CD pipeline for seamless updates across environments and emphasized security by implementing automated password rotation using Terraform. The infrastructure setup was very straightforward, with a primary focus on security

As we embarked on deploying the Node.js and React application for CyberiSight, we opted for AWS ECS (Elastic Container Service) as our deployment strategy. AWS ECS offers a robust solution for deploying applications in a containerized environment, providing scalability, reliability, and comprehensive management capabilities.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how we effectively deployed with AWS ECS:

AWS ECS offers a robust solution for deploying applications in a containerized environment


First, we containerized the Node.js and React applications using Docker. This involved creating Docker images that encapsulated the application code, runtime, dependencies, and configurations.

Setting up ECS Cluster

Next, we created an ECS cluster on AWS. This cluster served as a logical grouping of ECS container instances where our applications would run. We configured the cluster’s capacity and scalability options based on the application’s requirements.

Deployment of a Node.js and React App to AWS with ECS

We defined task definitions that described how our containers should be run within the ECS cluster. These task definitions specified parameters such as the Docker image to use, CPU and memory allocations, networking, and storage configurations.

Service Configuration

We configured ECS services to manage and maintain the desired number of tasks based on the application’s requirements. Services ensured that a specified number of tasks were running and automatically handled scaling, load balancing, and fault tolerance.


We deployed our Dockerized Node.js and React applications to ECS by creating tasks based on our defined task definitions. ECS automatically scheduled these tasks onto available container instances within the cluster.

Monitoring and Scaling

We utilized AWS CloudWatch and ECS metrics to monitor the performance and health of our deployed applications. We set up alarms to trigger scaling actions based on predefined thresholds, ensuring optimal resource utilization and responsiveness.

Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)

We integrated ECS deployment with our CI/CD pipeline to automate the process of building, testing, and deploying containerized applications. Tools like AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild streamlined this workflow, allowing for rapid and reliable deployments.

CyberiSight it infrastructure.


The project progressed successfully, reaching a milestone where CyberiSight engaged in discussions and demos with their first customer.  Gart’s innovative ideas for secure deployment were well-received, particularly our use of Terraform. Thorough documentation and clear diagrams provided by gart facilitated smooth project management and knowledge transfer. 

Client’s Feedback due to our collaboration was as following:

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