Gart Solutions Achieves Dual Distinction as a Clutch Champion and Global Winner

Champion Award: Reserved for companies consistently demonstrating excellence and earning positive reviews on the Clutch platform.

We are happy to share that Gart Solutions stands tall as a leader in two prestigious Clutch categories: “Champion” and “Clutch Global Winners.” Clutch, the renowned B2B research, ratings, and reviews platform, serves as a crucial bridge connecting businesses with top-tier service providers across diverse industries such as IT, marketing, design, and development.

Celebrating Excellence

Securing recognition in both the “Champion” and “Clutch Global Winners” categories underscores Gart Solutions’ commitment to delivering high-quality services. Let’s delve into what each accolade represents:

Champion Award: Reserved for companies consistently demonstrating excellence and earning positive reviews on the Clutch platform. 

Champion Award Gart solutions.

Clutch Global Winners: Typically refers to companies that have achieved recognition at a global level on the Clutch platform. This signifies Gart Solutions’ ability to make a mark in the international arena.

Clutch Global Winners Gart solutions.

These awards stand as testament to Gart Solutions’ expertise, showcasing an overall commitment to excellence and a high level of client satisfaction.

The Significance for Gart Solutions

For the Gart Solutions team, being recognized as a Clutch Champion and Global Winner holds profound meaning. It goes beyond affirming the quality of services; it reaffirms our mission to enhance the resilience of your infrastructure, fostering a stable and profitable environment for your business.

Fedir Kompaniets, co-founder and CEO, shares his perspective: “Being recognized by Clutch means I am doing the right thing. Starting a DevOps company for me and my business partner was about helping more and more people succeed in their businesses. Building a team of like-minded individuals, we’ve earned the reward from Clutch, making me immensely proud. I believe more success lies ahead, and these awards serve as mutual confirmation that we are on the right path.”

At Gart Solutions, we are dedicated to resolving your technical challenges, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – expanding your business.


What is the significance of being recognized as a Clutch Champion in the business world?

Being recognized as a Clutch Champion signifies excellence in service delivery, client satisfaction, and overall industry impact. It reflects a company's commitment to high standards and outstanding performance.

How does a company earn the title of Clutch Champion?

Companies earn the title of Clutch Champion through consistent positive client reviews, successful project outcomes, and a demonstrated commitment to providing exceptional services in their respective industries.

What does it mean for a company to be recognized as a Clutch Global Winner?

Being recognized as a Clutch Global Winner signifies that a company has achieved outstanding success on an international scale. It reflects excellence, innovation, and a strong positive impact within its industry.

What criteria does Clutch use to determine and award the title of Clutch Global Winner?

Clutch evaluates companies for the Global Winner title based on a combination of factors, including global market presence, client satisfaction, industry impact, and overall excellence in delivering services on a worldwide scale.
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