Seamless Transition from MongoDB to a Relational Database Management System in the eCommerce Industry

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Seamless Transition from MongoDB to a Relational Database Management System in the eCommerce Industry

Client Overview

The client is a leading SaaS eCommerce platform operating in a highly competitive market. They had been using MongoDB as their primary database for several years. However, as their business grew and the complexity of their data increased, they faced challenges in handling data relationships, conducting complex queries, and ensuring scalability. To address these issues, they decided to migrate from MongoDB to an RDBMS.


The goal was to enhance data structure and query capabilities while maintaining data integrity and system performance.

Project Objectives:

  • Migrate data seamlessly from MongoDB to an RDBMS.
  • Preserve data integrity during the migration process.
  • Improve data query and reporting capabilities.
  • Enhance scalability and performance.
  • Minimize downtime and user disruption during migration.


The solution involved migrating from MongoDB to PostgreSQL, an RDBMS that offered enhanced data structure and query capabilities. The migration process encompassed data analysis, schema design, ETL, rigorous testing, and careful deployment planning. Security measures and performance optimization were also integral parts of the solution.

Migration Process

  1. Assessment and Planning

Gart performed a comprehensive analysis of the existing MongoDB data to understand its structure and relationships. After careful evaluation, we selected PostgreSQL as the RDBMS due to its robust features and compatibility with the client’s requirements.

A mapping strategy was developed to transform MongoDB’s NoSQL data into a relational format.

  1. Schema Design

We designed a relational database schema that accommodated the complex relationships present in the MongoDB data. 

  1. Data Migration

We carried out a structured data migration process, starting with the extraction of MongoDB data in batches while ensuring data consistency at every step. Next, we took great care in meticulously transforming the extracted data to harmonize with the newly designed schema structure. Finally, we seamlessly loaded the transformed data into the PostgreSQL database, resulting in a smooth and successful transition.

  1. Testing and Validation

Extensive testing was conducted to validate data accuracy and completeness. Performance testing ensured that the new system met or exceeded the client’s performance expectations.

  1. Deployment

The migration was scheduled during a low-traffic period to minimize user disruption. A rollback plan was in place, but it was not needed due to the successful migration.


The migration delivered significant improvements:

  • Query performance improved by 40%.
  • Data integrity was maintained throughout the migration.
  • The system became highly scalable to support future growth.
  • Downtime during migration was minimized to just 2 hours.
  • Significant cost savings, amounting to a substantial 43%.

The RDBMS significantly improved the speed of complex queries, resulting in a 40% reduction in query execution times.

Data integrity was maintained throughout the migration process, with no data loss or corruption reported.

The new system provided the scalability needed to accommodate the client’s growing data volumes, ensuring future business growth.

Downtime during the migration was limited to a mere 2 hours, minimizing disruption to users.

The client reported cost savings in terms of hardware and operational expenses due to improved efficiency.


This case study demonstrates the benefits of a seamless MongoDB to RDBMS migration executed by Gart for E-commerce businesses. The project improved query performance, data integrity, scalability, and cost-efficiency. It highlights the importance of meticulous planning, data analysis, and rigorous testing, all expertly handled by Gart. Discover more about our database migration services at Gart Solutions.


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