Rebuilding the Deployment Process for a LATAM FinTech Startup

  • Building CI/CD Automation Workflows 
  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • IT Infrastructure and DevOps Consulting
  • Monitoring and Observability
  • SRE
  • Technical Support
Revolutionizing Deployment Process and Building Infrastructure as Code for a FinTech Startup

Client Background

Our client is a rapidly growing FinTech startup – a neo-bank from LATAM. Their mobile bank has issued over 4M virtual cards, and they are among the leaders in similar online banking solutions.

Business Challenge

Approximately one year ago, the company’s DevOps engineer left the project, leaving the maintenance responsibilities to the development team. This transition plunged the project into chaos, devoid of DevOps methodologies and tools. The application of neo-bank was built by an in-house team using a modern approach like Infrastructure as code (IaC). However, the infrastructure needed a structure and comprehensive documentation. The company also neglected to use most DevOps practices.


When Gart stepped in, the immediate challenge was rejuvenating the infrastructure without rebuilding the entire project with microservices and Kubernetes.

Step 2: Improving the Build Process

We initiated a shift from localized Terraform deployments to a streamlined and automated GitLab Continuous Integration, Delivery & Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline.

Improving the build process

The new approach provided a comprehensive view of the impending infrastructure changes during merger requests. This newfound transparency allowed every team member to assess the safety of initiating the deployment process. Collaboration among infrastructure developers improved significantly, minimizing conflicts and disparities in infrastructure states. The simplified workflow empowered the team to effect infrastructure changes autonomously, reducing operational costs and dependency on the DevOps engineer.

Step 2: Reworking the IaC

Following industry best practices, we restructured the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to make it more intelligible, orderly, and developer-friendly. Simultaneously, we meticulously documented crucial components, streamlining maintenance and incorporating new elements.


Implementing DevOps best practices rewarded boasted infrastructure, improved logic, and accessibility, making it considerably easier to make changes and introduce new features.

Thanks to a modular code structure, infrastructure code developers no longer grapple with the labyrinth of component dependencies. The uniform coding across different environments has culminated in heightened product uptime and reduced release vulnerabilities, positively impacting operational expenditures.

If you’re ready to harness the transformative power of optimized infrastructure and revolutionize your delivery process, Gart stands ready to guide you in embracing DevOps excellence.

Discover more about our DevOps-as-a-Service offerings on our dedicated page.

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