Optimizing Costs and Operations for Cloud-Based SaaS E-Commerce Platform  

Client background

Our client, a cloud-based SaaS e-commerce platform headquartered in the Netherlands allows e-commerce businesses simplify recurring billing, optimize customer experience and provide comprehensive compliance with different payment solutions on a global level.

The client provides e-commerce and subscription management solutions for monetizing digital goods and online services across various industries. The platform is a hub that manages connected devices and transmits their data to third-party services, that’s why a legacy on-premises architecture was now efficient.

Business challenge

The client needed to modernize the functionality of their legacy SaaS e-commerce platform — improve its efficiency, user experience, optimize costs and accelerate time-to-market. Also, to move the SaaS platform from on-premises to the cloud.

Value delivered

Gart Solutions has helped customers make their SaaS platform more economically efficient by restructuring its architecture with the most up-to-date cloud development techniques and technologies.

We have also enabled the customer to avoid being tied to a single vendor by implementing various third-party integrations that raise platforms monitoring capabilities and improve product offering.


The Gart team has moved the client’s SaaS platform from on-premises to the cloud, making it cloud-agnostic and able to work with any cloud environment by redeveloping and replicating the platform’s architecture in Kubernetes for AWS, Azure, and Minikube.

To further streamline and automate the development and deployment process, our DevOps engineers have built CI/CD pipelines for GitLab from scratch and implemented automated testing based on the rules created by the client’s tech team.

Moreover, the platform’s monitoring and analytical capabilities have been increased by integrating Elasticsearch, Graphite, Grafana, Graylog, and Prometheus. This enables monitoring of both the platform’s cloud resources and the connected IoT devices, making it possible to manage their use and track their performance.


The client achieved sustainable benefits for business by migrating their on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, building efficient CI/CD pipelines, and integrating various
third-party services.

  • Optimized costs by migrating the platform to the cloud and limiting the amount of required expensive on-premises resources
  • Added more flexibility and avoided vendor lock-in by making the platform cloud-agnostic
  • Improved platform efficiency by streamlining platform deployment and development with CI/CD pipelines built from scratch
  • Extended the client’s product offering by adding various third-party integrations with expanded the platform’s monitoring capabilities
  • Enabled better expense management by allowing to monitor and adjust the use of cloud resources
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