IoT Device Management Using Kubernetes 

  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • Kubernetes solution
  • Monitoring and Observability
  • Technical Consulting

Client background

Our client was a product company leading the microchip market. One of their products is a platform for managing devices with microchips in customer infrastructure, such as mobile phones, cars, and specific electronic equipment.

Business challenge

The client wanted to distribute their platform and make it possible for customers to install it on their own infrastructure. Their current solution was working only on the client’s side. The platform was complicated in architecture and centralized, and the challenge lay in ensuring device connectivity to the platform using virtualization, containerization, licensing, and cloud-agnostic technologies.
The client was using PHP, Golang, COAP, MQTT, Jenkins, and GitLab technologies.


Gart Solutions built a cloud-agnostic Kubernetes solution that could be installed on any customer infrastructure and scaled on demand. We configured the internal network to work with COAP and MQTT protocols for device connectivity and used Helm charts as the primary configuration and delivery tool. Our team automated the build and release process using the GitOps approach.
Due to the complexity of the client’s existing solution and the numerous details that needed to be taken into account, the project required significant communication with product owners and engineers. The project took 1.5 years to complete.


Gart Solutions provided a universal Kubernetes solution managed by Helm charts. A custom solution for the Ingress controller and load balancing was developed since the architecture required an IoT-specific UDP protocol. The horizontal autoscaling approach was used for autoscaling based on basic and application-specific metrics. Prometheus, Graphite and Grafana were used to monitor the application condition. The token auto-generation approach was implemented to cover authentication and transaction security.

The CI/CD solution provided was based on GitLab CI, and management automation was implemented.

All solutions were created and implemented following industry best practices for security.

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