DevOps for Microsoft HoloLens Application Run on GCP

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DevOps for Microsoft Hololens Application

Client Background

Our client, a mixed reality platform, designed an application for Microsoft HoloLens with a clear focus on boosting organizational productivity. This case study delves into Gart’s remarkable journey of providing DevOps services for an application designed to support Microsoft HoloLens, a device poised to transform manufacturing, education, healthcare, and beyond.

For information:

Microsoft HoloLens leverages Manufacturing, Engineering & Construction, Healthcare, and Education fields with its augmented reality capabilities, which has emerged as a game-changer in various sectors. Microsoft HoloLens has the potential to enhance processes, improve training, and streamline workflows for forward-thinking businesses.

The mixed reality platform has features such as distance measurement, generating an unlimited number of virtual markers to detect defects, and media layers to take pictures. The platform allows us to inspect results, uncover the root cause, automatically generate accurate defect location, and support other business functions in business, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and education industries.

Business Challenge

As our client has participated in the Google for Startups Cloud Program, they established their business infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This program provided invaluable benefits, including access to technical support, dedicated mentors, a global startup community, technical training and workshops, industry experts, and substantial Cloud cost coverage over the initial two years as well as credits for other Google services, such as Google Ads, etc.

However, as the grant program approached its conclusion, cost management became a painful issue. The client sought to reduce expenses associated with running their infrastructure on GCP while maintaining operational excellence. So, to resolve the issues related to IT infrastructure and harness the power of Google Cloud Service (GCP), they requested the help of a DevOps service provider.


A DevOps service agency, Gart embraced this challenge with a multifaceted approach. We aimed to optimize costs and ensure security, unify the solution across platforms, and facilitate a seamless transition to multiple cloud service providers such as Azure or others with their existing GCP configuration intact.

Among the provided by Gart solutions were the following:

1. Cost Optimization

Our DevOps experts collaborated closely with the client to optimize their infrastructure costs within the remaining duration of the Google for Startups Cloud Program. This involved fine-tuning resource allocation, optimizing workloads, and implementing cost-effective strategies.

2. Preparations for ISO 27001 Compliance and Security Audit

Recognizing the critical importance of security, Gart conducted thorough security and compliance audits to assess the application’s security posture and compliance requirements. Gart’s expertise was showcased by completing 55 ISO 27001 compliance tasks due to Infrastructure, Cloud Security, Personal Security, and Code Security levels. Gart identified vulnerabilities and implemented robust security measures

3. Unification with GCP and Other Platforms

We ensured that the client’s application was adaptable across platforms, including Google Cloud Platform, Azure, and AWS, allowing flexibility and future scalability.

4. Secure Internal Connection

To meet the requirement of an Ethernet connection with the infrastructure through a VPN funnel, we established a secure internal network, guaranteeing the confidentiality and integrity of data transmission.

5. Container Deployment with Google Cloud Run

As part of our solution, we utilized Google Cloud Run, a fully managed compute platform that automates the scaling of containers. This choice streamlined deployment enhanced agility and leveraged the broader container ecosystem.


The collaboration between Gart and our client yielded transformative outcomes:

1.Enhanced Productivity

The application for HoloLens successfully accelerated business processes and workflows in manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and education.

2.Cost Optimization

Gart’s efforts to optimize costs allowed the client to plan their cross-platform application support in advance without compromising their infrastructure’s efficiency until the end of the Google for Startups Cloud Program.

3.Security Assurance

The security audit and posture improvement measures ensured compliance with industry standards and instilled confidence in data protection.

4.Platform Adaptability

The application’s unification with both GCP and Azure positioned the client for seamless expansion and adaptation to diverse market demands.

5.Secure Internal Network

The VPN funnel-based Ethernet connection provided a secure backbone for data transmission within the infrastructure.

6.Container Deployment

Utilizing Google Cloud Run streamlined deployment processes, enhancing scalability and efficiency.


Gart partnership with our client, who designed an application for this Microsoft HoloLens project, was coupled with our expertise in DevOps. By embracing cutting-edge technology, optimizing costs, bolstering security, and ensuring platform flexibility, we helped our client unlock new possibilities.

Gart implemented DevOps solutions that delivered tangible benefits and propelled the client toward successful market development.

To dive into more details about the project, the testimonial about our collaboration, project challenges, and solutions is below.

Gart Solutions Testimonials

If you’re ready to harness the transformative power of optimized infrastructure and revolutionize your delivery process, Gart stands ready to guide you in embracing DevOps excellence. Discover more about our DevOps-as-a-Service.

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