CI/CD Pipelines and Infrastructure Automation for E-Health Platform 

  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • On-premises setup
  • Technical Consulting

Client Background

Our customer is a development company that produces Electronic Medical Records Software (EMRS) for the government-based E-Health platform and CRM systems in medical facilities. The EMRS software is designed to help healthcare providers manage the medical records of patients and automate clinical workflows.

Business Challenge

The client needed to create a common base of medical histories, receipts, and insurance information across all medical centers in the country. They asked Gart Solutions to design and implement CI/CD and infrastructure for the development and production environment. The main challenge was to conform to the HIPAA and GDPR standards and to locate the solution on hardware.


Using hardware from a local provider (GiGa Cloud) and with the help of technical communication with this provider, we created the infrastructure using VMWare ESXi and Terraform, allowing us to use the maximum capabilities of the local cloud provider.

According to security best practices, we configured connectivity between the client’s production and the government-based E-Health platform. We used a data-masking approach for Dev and Test environments to comply with GDPR and HIPAA standards.


During this project, the Gart Solutions team achieved the following:

  • Automated the infrastructure creation process
  • Provided functionality to scale existing environments and deploy new ones
  • Created a CI/CD solution
  • Adapted build and deployment pipelines to meet development needs
  • Improved the delivery process and made it self-managed

The testimonial left by our client is the following:

Cloud Consulting for Health-Tech Company

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