CI/CD Jenkins Implementation for Training Platform

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CI/CD Jenkins Implementation for Training Platform

Client Background

The client is a social, informational, and virtual training platform based in Hamburg, Germany. With 30 employees, the platform focuses on sports betting education.


As we all know, working with Jenkins requires hiring qualified personnel. Jenkins’ advantage is that you can do anything on it, but its disadvantage is that it is quite complex and has a high entry threshold. That is why the client chose to cooperate with Gart, because the company has extensive experience working with Jenkins.

The client, a training platform in the sports betting industry, needed assistance with their CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) implementation using Jenkins. They sought to:

  1. Duplicate existing deployment jobs to new environments.
  2. Port specific scripts to an alternate programming language.


Gart Solutions was selected through a trusted recruitment agency and quickly integrated with the client’s team. The project involved:

Requirement Gathering

Clear pre-engagement task and requirement definitions facilitated a smooth onboarding process.

Job Duplication

Gart successfully duplicated existing deployment jobs to the new environments.

Script Porting

Specific scripts were ported to the desired alternate programming language.

Communication & Workflow

Simple online chat ensured seamless communication, avoiding micromanagement and optimizing workflow.

The project’s scope was well-defined before the engagement commenced, ensuring clarity and alignment from the outset. Throughout the project, communication channels were open, primarily relying on simple online chat, which proved to be effective without requiring micromanagement.


Gart Solutions successfully assisted the client in implementing their CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins, demonstrating expertise, clear communication, and a focus on client satisfaction. This case study showcases Gart’s capabilities in staff augmentation and CI/CD deployments.

The project achieved the following outcomes:

  • Successful duplication of deployment jobs across environments.
  • Efficient communication and workflow management.
  • Task-oriented delivery, exceeding expectations.

Struggling with your Jenkins project? Gart Solutions can help!

Client’s Feedback due to our collaboration was as following:

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