AWS Migration & Infrastructure Localization for Sportsbook Platform

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DevOps for Sportsbook-Platform


The client is a sports betting platform with a strong presence in the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, and other regions. The Sportsbook platform serves millions of users globally, with over 100 million bets placed annually through iOS or Android apps or the website. These bets cover a range of sporting and entertainment events, including casinos, poker, arcades, and other types of games.


Navigating the U.S. regulatory complexities posed a significant challenge for our client. It was required to adapt the Sportsbook platform to be state-specific compliant across 100+ components. Simultaneously, we had to ensure adherence to local laws governing platform access from different geographical areas.

Another challenge was to gain the agility, scalability, and application performance required to move the core betting application environment to Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Our customer engaged Gart, a DevOps and AWS cloud migration provider, and hired three engineers to work in its in-house team (AWS Cloud Architect, DevOps, and SRE Engineer).

We configured infrastructure for multiple OpenStack and AWS instances, with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud serving as the foundation for migrating data centers spanning different U.S. states.

We also established dedicated environments to accommodate third-party certification regulators, ensuring compliance with state-specific regulations.

1.Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

To expedite the creation of new infrastructure instances, we implemented the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach.

This approach enabled us to define all necessary components, jobs, pipelines, computations, storage, and network elements in a declarative manner using a concise set of YAML files. IaC not only increased maintainability but also enhanced security by ensuring all changes occurred through code, preventing inadvertent modifications or additions. Moreover, it empowered the development team to swiftly set up additional environments, such as staging or production, when required.

2.Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Deployment

Our team established robust CI/CD pipelines for seamless promotion of component versions from various environments to all states. We leveraged a custom framework developed by the client’s in-house team, capable of deploying software to OpenStack Private Cloud hosted both on-premises and on AWS.

The benefits of this approach included:

  • Early detection and resolution of issues through continuous integration.
  • Rapid delivery of bug fixes, configuration changes, and new features to bettors via continuous delivery.
  • Liberation of the client’s in-house team to focus on strategic tasks, thanks to continuous deployment.


Our client achieved remarkable outcomes. They successfully launched data centers and commenced delivering sports betting services across the United States. Thanks to our streamlined workflow and extensive automation, the onboarding time for new data centers was reduced to a mere two days, marking a significant improvement in efficiency in over 20x times.

Additionally, in response to the client’s request for improved overall application performance and greater agility, Gart increased overall performance by 30–40%. Along with the increased agility provided by CI/CD automation, the iGaming provider delivered new software features to the market 60% faster.

If you’re ready to harness the transformative power of optimized infrastructure and revolutionize your delivery process, Gart stands ready to guide you in embracing DevOps excellence.

Discover more about our DevOps-as-a-Service offerings on our dedicated page.

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