45% of Savings for Mobile App: Optimization of Kubernetes Costs on AWS

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Optimizing AWS Cloud with Kubernetes: How a Mobile App Achieved 45% of Savings


Our customer is a rapidly growing SaaS application for mobile photography. The company initially operated a single PHP monolith application connected to a MySQL database. However, with an ever-expanding user base (over 10 million of users), it became evident that this setup was no longer sustainable. Developers began creating Node.js and Go microservices, attempting to containerize them using Docker. Unfortunately, these microservices were hosted on separate EC2 instances, leading to excessive resource wastage and inefficiency.


In 2022, a mobile app company contacted Gart for consultation regarding their transition to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This shift presented a new challenge – managing Node.js and Go microservices alongside their existing PHP monolith. These microservices were containerized using Docker and distributed across separate groups of EC2 instances, resulting in inefficiencies and wasted resources.
The company urgently required a solution to consolidate and optimize their AWS EC2 instances.


To address the challenges related to inefficient AWS EC2 instances, Gart initiated an infrastructure audit and provided cloud consulting services. During the audit, it became evident that the most suitable solution for this high-load SaaS project was the implementation of Kubernetes, complemented by cloud-native technologies like gRPC and Envoy, to enhance their infrastructure.

Several critical factors influenced the choice of Kubernetes as the preferred solution, including its ease of use, robust support, and open-source nature. Kubernetes aligned seamlessly with the company’s adoption on AWS, incorporating Go as a programming language and gRPC for inter-service communication within their data center.

To meet specific deployment requirements, the company established its own cluster and developed custom components.

We assisted in migrating their services to Kubernetes, commencing with small, low-risk services and progressing to a full-scale migration.


The time required for the first deployment was reduced from 2 days to a mere 3 hours.
The company’s shift towards continuous integration, containerization, and Kubernetes resulted in a remarkable increase in deployment velocity, with the number of deployments soaring from 1800 to 3100 annually, marking a 60% reduction in deployment time. This transformation also yielded enhanced operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the company achieved a substantial 45% reduction in overall EC2 costs, owing to the efficiency gains derived from Kubernetes adoption.

By embracing gRPC and Envoy, the application bolstered security across multiple programming languages, leading to improved communication between services. Envoy, adopted early in the process, empowered the company to directly serve gRPC and HTTP/2 to mobile clients through edge load balancers. It also facilitated consistent and detailed metrics collection, enhancing observability and standardization of dashboards. The metrics provided by Envoy proved invaluable for debugging.

The journey of our SaaS app project towards cloud-native technology was spearheaded by Kubernetes, gRPC, and Envoy. This transition not only enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness but also enabled the scaling of their services. The expertise of the DevOps service provider played a crucial role in facilitating a smooth migration of their services to Kubernetes.

If you’re ready to optimize AWS cloud with Kubernetes and revolutionize your delivery process, Gart stands ready to guide you in embracing DevOps excellence.

Discover more about our DevOps-as-a-Service offerings on our dedicated page or book a Cloud Consulting.

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