Streamlining Presale Processes with ChatOps Automation

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Streamlining Presale Processes with ChatOps Automation

Client Background

Beyond Risk is a dynamic technology company specializing in enterprise risk management solutions. As a DataOps platform, its goal is to assist organizations in modeling and mitigating complex security risks.

Business Challenge

Before engaging with Gart, Beyond Risk encountered various challenges with environmental management. Multiple development and sales processes require quick and dynamic environment creation and removal. Managing the existing environment architecture and infrastructure code conditions took a lot of work.

By collaborating with Gart, Beyond Risk decided to enhance its presale experience by automating the proposal creation process and allowing customers to test the product offering through testing of the functionality.
The second goal Beyond Risk pursued was to design an automation solution that could be utilized for end-to-end testing and verification, ensuring that all system components could operate under real-world automated scenarios without the constant need for manual intervention.


To address the requirements of Beyond Risk, Gart proposed an innovative solution based on Chatbot integration for IT Operations (ChatOps) automation. Gart’s experts analyzed Beyond Risk’s IT infrastructure, identifying areas for improvement and code refactoring.
Leveraging our in-depth understanding of ChatOps technologies, Gart developed a comprehensive automation framework explicitly tailored to Beyond Risk’s unique presale requirements.

We created an interactive flow that enables non-technical executives to generate dynamic and fully customized environments. When the actor issues a “slash command” interactive flow prompts for some predefined configuration (name, size, lifetime). Once the environment is created, a time-based function ensures its automatic deletion, thereby eliminating the risk of inefficient operations.

We integrated Slack as the primary communication channel for real-time notifications, delivering all action results directly to the designated Slack channel and promptly updating stakeholders about the request status.

Implementation has been performed using Slack API for interactive flow, AWS Lambda for business logic, and GitHub Action + Terraform cloud for infrastructure automation.

Adding the notification step helped us keep track of the success or failure of Terraform.

Beyond Risk’s solution architecture:

Solution Architecture - ChatOps Automation

Slack Notifications:

Slack Notification Center - ChatOps Automation


Implementing Gart’s ChatOps solution for automating the proposal creation process yielded significant results for Beyond Risk. It drastically streamlined their presale process and enhanced overall operational efficiency.

The following outcomes were achieved:

Streamlined Presale Process

Integrating ChatOps automation through a chatbot in Slack revolutionized Beyond Risk’s presale experience. The interactive flow allowed non-technical executives to effortlessly generate dynamic and fully customized environments, eliminating the need for manual intervention. It accelerated the proposal creation and testing phases, enhancing the overall efficiency of the presale operations.

Improved Environmental Management 

By leveraging Gart’s expertise in code refactoring and infrastructure optimization, Beyond Risk overcame the challenges of managing its environment. Refactoring the existing infrastructure code and architecture enabled quick and dynamic environment creation and removal, providing greater flexibility and scalability for development and sales processes.

Enhanced Automation and Testing Capabilities

Gart’s automation framework catered specifically to Beyond Risk’s requirements. The solution enabled automated scenarios, ensuring all system components operated seamlessly under real-world conditions. This reduced the need for manual intervention and minimized the risk of errors or inefficiencies in the system.

Real-time Notifications and Updates

The integration of Slack as the primary communication channel allowed for real-time notifications and updates on the status of requests. Stakeholders were promptly informed about the progress of actions, ensuring transparency and facilitating effective collaboration among team members. The notification step also provided visibility into the success or failure of infrastructure automation processes, allowing for timely troubleshooting and resolution.

Overall, the collaboration between Gart and Beyond Risk resulted in a highly efficient and automated presale process. By leveraging ChatOps automation, code refactoring, and optimized infrastructure, Beyond Risk experienced improved operational agility, accelerated sales cycles, and enhanced customer satisfaction. The successful implementation of the solution has positioned Beyond Risk as a leader in risk management solutions, empowering them to model and mitigate complex security risks effectively.

The customer rated our services and the level of support at 5 stars. Learn from the review on Clutch.

DevOps Support Services for Cybersecurity Company

Gart continues to provide ongoing support to ensure the long-term success and scalability of the implemented solution.

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